Speech Audio

Making Abortion Unthinkable

  • Download MP3. (60 minutes)
  • Josh Brahm at St. Mary’s in Sanger teaches an audience of 200+ how to defend their pro-life views. Whether you are new to the pro-life world, or if you’re an expert on the issue of abortion, you are sure to learn something in this presentation that is designed to challenge, educate and equip you on the abortion issue. Learn how to defend the pro-life position with air-tight scientific and philosophic arguments. Josh also discusses how to properly respond to the question, “what if she was raped?”

Stem Cell Research 101: A “Brave New World”

  • Download MP3
  • As pro-lifers we need to understand stem cell research for the same reason we need to understand abortion: both wrongfully take the lives of innocent human beings. How is stem cell research done? What are the differences between embryonic and adult stem cell research? What are the moral implications? How can I respond to common pro-embryonic stem cell arguments? These questions and more are answered in this presentation.
  • Q&A Questions:
    • “Are all embryonic stem cells rejected when implanted into a patient’s body?”
    • “If adult stem cell research is so much more effective, why do some scientists want to pursue embryonic stem cell research?”
    • “Why did President Obama decide to take money away from adult stem cell research?”
    • “How would personhood legislation effect cloning and stem cell research?”

Planned Parenthood Unveiled: What They Don’t Want You to Know

  • Download MP3
  • Many people automatically associate Planned Parenthood with abortion. It’s appropriate; they are the nation’s leading abortion provider. However, there’s a lot more to Planned Parenthood than just abortions. After discussing many of these sordid details, Josh details his controversial opinion that Planned Parenthood is NOT a racist organization, and responds to the counter-arguments often made about this subject.
  • Outline:
    • The Difference Between This Presentation and an Apologetics Presentation
    • When You Should and Should NOT Use This Information
    • Planned Parenthood: The “Starbucks of Abortion”
    • Free Abortions to 9/11 and Katrina Victims
    • Opposes Parental Notification Laws
    • Caught Promoting Violence Against Pro-Lifers
    • “Choice on Earth” Christmas Cards
    • Promotes Promiscuity in Teens
    • Protects Statutory Rapists
    • Documented Proof of the Selling of Fetal Body Parts
    • Is Planned Parenthood Racist?
    • So What Can We Do?
  • Download the Q&A Session
  • Questions:
    • When Planned Parenthood sells fetal body parts, do they think those are human body parts? And if they don’t think they’re human, why would they try to hide that they’re selling them?
    • We have all these Live Action sting videos. Why aren’t the clinics shown in the tapes shut down, or the employees fired?
    • Do you think Planned Parenthood’s close relationship with politically powerful people are why regulations for their clinics seems to be so lax?
    • Do you think Planned Parenthood’s higher clinic standards gives more credibility to the abortion industry?
    • How would you respond to someone who says abortion should be available to women who would die or were raped?
  • BONUS: Download the Q&A session from a similar presentation in front of a different audience.
  • Questions:
    • I heard of an abortion clinic owner who is a racist and has said he wants to eliminate Hispanic babies.
    • If focusing on racism saves more babies by hurting Planned Parenthood, shouldn’t we focus on racism?
    • Walter Hoye says that 100 years from now there’s not going to be a black race.
    • The Georgia “Endangered Species” billboards aren’t actually saying that Planned Parenthood is racist, are they?
    • But some good will come from the billboards, right?
    • But there was a lot of buzz about it…
    • In the end, isn’t the goal to keep this stuff out there? And if some people have a different way of doing that, isn’t that good?
    • We’re never going to be able to do anything perfectly, because as soon as it wouldn’t offend anybody, it wouldn’t help.
    • How does Planned Parenthood get into schools, and what can I do about it?
    • But a non-Planned Parenthood presenter would probably be teaching the same information, so is that any better?
    • If there’s more than one abortion facility in town, and one of them is Planned Parenthood, should we focus on Planned Parenthood?
    • Do you have a training for sidewalk counseling?

Proving Pro-Life Points with Pro-Abortion Materials

  • Download MP3. (52 minutes)
  • Josh Brahm at Little River Church in Georgia gives a full presentation on how to respond to five common pro-abortion-choice arguments using documentation from Planned Parenthood and the world’s leading abortionists to expose the truth behind their rhetoric!
    • “No one knows when life begins scientifically.”
    • “Birth control will decrease abortions.”
    • “Abortion is justified for rape cases.”
    • “Abortion is a safe and simple procedure.”
    • “Thousands of women died every year from back-alley abortions.”
  • BONUS: Download Q&A session after the talk, with discussions on how to respond to these arguments: (19 minutes)
    • “These are potential humans, not full humans.”
    • “The issue isn’t whether abortion is right or wrong, but are we going to trust women to decide?”
    • “Abortion should remain legal so that poor women can have the same access as rich women.”
    • “I’m personally opposed to abortion, but I don’t think we should make it illegal.”
    • The violinist argument

Josh Brahm’s keynote address at Trinity Pregnancy Resource Center in Chowchilla, CA.

Ignorance, Fear and Apathy: 3 Problems the Church Faces in Confronting Abortion

  • Download MP3
  • This is the recording of a sermon Josh preached on January 22, 2012 at Free Grace Church in Clovis. After presenting three questions that Christians can answer to bring moral and theological clarity to the abortion issue, Josh takes a hard look at the main reasons that many Christians remain silent on the abortion issue, and how a proper understanding of the Gospel resolves all three of them. Josh closes with the three things that every Christians should do MINIMALLY about abortion.

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