The Devil’s Advocate
What would Jesus say to a pro-choicer? Have Josh come in to your group pretending to be a pro-choice advocate! Watch him use the best arguments the pro-choice side has to offer, debating your group to see what they have to say back. Are they ready to defend their views in a 1 Peter 3:15 kind of way? It’s time to find out! Halfway through the presentation, you’ll stand up and explain to the audience that this is actually a pro-life advocate, and then we’ll coach your group on how to properly respond to people they disagree with. Your group won’t forget this!

Making Abortion Unthinkable: The Art of Pro-Life Persuasion
Whether you are new to the pro-life world, or if you’re an expert on the issue of abortion, you are sure to learn something in this presentation that is designed to challenge, educate and equip you on the abortion issue. Learn how to defend the pro-life position with air-tight scientific and philosophic arguments.
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Ambassadors for Christ: The Essential Skills
Did you know you represent Jesus in everything you do and say every day? Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 5:20 that we are all ambassadors for Christ. How well do you represent your King in the areas of knowledge, wisdom, and character? Get trained so you fulfill your role as a knowledgeable, winsome, and persuasive representative on critical issues of the Christian worldview.

9 Faulty Pro-Life Arguments & Tactics
Want to be the most effective pro-life ambassador possible? This presentation will certainly help you do that! While surprising to some audiences, pro-lifers occasionally make arguments that are easily refutable. They also sometimes use tactics during abortion debates that are counter-productive. Josh carefully analyzes nine examples in this presentation.
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Responding to the Hard Cases for Abortion: Rape
There is no pro-choice argument that has more emotional weight than the question, “what if she was raped?” No stone will be left unturned as Josh trains his audience to respond appropriately to both the relational and intellectual challenges in this argument. You will also have the chance to role play and practice responding to this argument for abortion rights.

Responding to the Hard Cases for Abortion: Fetal Deformity & Life Threatening Situations
“What if the baby has a severe deformity that will cause her to die within hours of birth? Would you force the parents to go through the trauma of giving birth only to watch their child die the same day?” “What is the most appropriate way to respond to an ectopic pregnancy?” (There are 5 possible responses!) Josh will carefully discuss both of these difficult challenges.

Bodily Rights: The Ultimate Abortion Argument
The strongest pro-choice argument is one that grants the entire pro-life case that the unborn is a full human being (like an adult). But it goes on to claim that abortion should still be legal because women have a right to control their own bodies. Pro-life advocates shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss these “bodily rights” arguments, but they also don’t need to be afraid of them. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to sharing the pro-life message, Josh will give you a road map for making a powerful case against these arguments. This interactive session will feature role-play exercises and plenty of time for Q & A. You’ll leave ready to engage any pro-choice advocate who defends abortion with “bodily rights” arguments.

Sentience, Speciesism and Biting the Infanticide Bullet
Learn how to respond to people who believe you must be self-aware or sentient to be a person using clear counter-intuitive examples that undermine the argument. Then learn four counter-arguments to the idea that human beings and other animals are morally equal. Finally learn some strategies for dealing with the pro-choice person that “bites the infanticide bullet.” In other words, what to say when he makes a consistent “threshold” argument for personhood and after you demonstrate that his view also would permit infanticide, he sticks to his guns.

Proving Pro-Life Points with Pro-Abortion Materials
Learn an effective way to debate the abortion issue: by using pro-abortion materials that contradict several pro-abortion arguments! Planned Parenthood officials are left speechless when they learn that a former president of their own organization wrote that life begins at conception, or that their own research refutes the claim that birth control access alone can end abortion!

Stem Cell Research 101: A “Brave New World”
As pro-lifers we need to understand stem cell research for the same reason we need to understand abortion: both wrongfully take the lives of innocent human beings. Do your teens understand it? How is stem cell research done? What are the differences between embryonic and adult stem cell research? What are the moral implications? How can I respond to common pro-embryonic stem cell arguments? These questions and more are answered in this presentation.
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Stem Cell Research 201: What the Media is Not Telling You
This is the perfect sequel to the first stem cell presentation. Josh updates his audience on the cutting edge areas of stem cell science that has come out in the last two years. He then reviews how the media has handled recent stem cell stories, as well as making his audience examine the logical fallacies in President Obama’s speech when he signed the Executive Order to allow federal funding of destructive embryo research.

Human Cloning: Truth vs. Science Fiction
Is human cloning already going on? Why would people advocate cloning? These questions and more are answered in this presentation that utilizes popular science fiction movies like The Island, Gattaca and Jurassic Park.

Planned Parenthood Unveiled: What They Don’t Want You to Know
Many people automatically associate Planned Parenthood with abortion. It’s appropriate; they are the nation’s leading abortion provider. However, there’s a lot more to Planned Parenthood than just abortions. Learn how Planned Parenthood has been caught promoting violence against pro-lifers, protect statutory rapists, and more. Josh will even show documented proof that Planned Parenthood sells body parts of the babies they abort. You’ll also learn about some common misconceptions pro-lifers have about Planned Parenthood’s agenda in the African-American community.
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In His Image
This sermon is meant for Christian audiences. Though critics say the Bible is silent on issues like abortion and cloning, Christians can bring moral clarity to these issues by asking three foundational questions: What does the Bible teach about human value; what does the Bible teach about the unborn, hence what is the unborn? The talk concludes with a discussion about our responsibility as Christians on abortion and embryo research.

Ignorance, Fear and Apathy: 3 Problems the Church Faces in Confronting Abortion
This message is meant for Christian audiences. Josh takes a hard look at the major reasons that many churches don’t get involved in pro-life ministry, and why these reasons are flawed. Practical advice is given for Christians to be ready to engage with their sphere of influence on the issues most important to them, as well as instruction in equipping their pastors to be more actively pro-life.
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The Professional Pro-Lifer
What will it take for the pro-life message to win in the nationwide battle of ideas? More pro-life professionals as opposed to pro-life “hobbyists.” The other side employs thousands of people to advocate for the abortion side, but most pro-lifers are only active when they have time away from work. This talk is meant to reach young people, present them with the idea of becoming a full-time paid pro-lifer, and gives practical tips about how to do it.

Euthanasia: What’s Really Going On?
A close look at assisted suicide and euthanasia: its history, its current practice in the Netherlands and Oregon, and its consequences.

What can Homeschoolers do about Abortion?
A challenge is given to homeschooling teachers to use the time with their teenagers well, and to prepare them to defend their beliefs on college campuses. A brief pro-life 101, and then examples of English projects, as well as pro-life projects in the subjects of Science, History, Politics/Law Process, Logic, and field trips.


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